About Narayananagbali Pooja

Our Story

Narayananagbali Pooja was established with a profound respect for Hindu traditions and rituals, particularly those dedicated to honoring deceased family members. Our founders, deeply rooted in the spiritual town of Gokarna, recognized the need for an authentic and accessible platform to perform traditional poojas. With a commitment to preserving the sanctity and significance of these rituals, Narayananagbali Pooja has become a trusted name for devotees seeking to perform these essential ceremonies.

about gokarna pooja

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate a seamless and genuine pooja experience for devotees around the world. Whether you visit Gokarna in person or participate virtually, we ensure that every ritual is conducted with utmost devotion and adherence to Vedic principles. Our goal is to help families perform the necessary rites for their ancestors, ensuring peace and moksha (liberation) for the departed souls.

Our Values


We uphold the traditional practices and rituals, ensuring that every pooja is performed as per Vedic guidelines.


We offer online booking and virtual participation options, making it convenient for devotees worldwide to perform these sacred ceremonies.


Our team, including esteemed Gokarna temple priests, conducts each pooja with the highest level of devotion and respect.


We provide comprehensive support to our clients, from booking and preparation to performing the rituals, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Why Gokarna?

Gokarna is a renowned pilgrimage site, celebrated for its ancient temples and spiritual heritage. Performing poojas in Gokarna is believed to amplify their effectiveness due to the town’s spiritual energy and sacred history. The serene environment and the powerful temples create an ideal setting for these significant rituals.

Our Services

At Narayananagbali Pooja, we offer a range of services to meet the spiritual needs of our clients

Our Unique Selling Points

Online Pooja Booking

We provide a hassle-free online booking system that allows you to schedule your pooja at your convenience.

Accommodation for Devotees

For those who wish to visit Gokarna in person, we offer comfortable accommodation options to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Online Pooja Participation

Can't make it to Gokarna? No problem! We offer the unique service of virtual pooja participation via video call, allowing you to partake in the rituals from anywhere in the world.

Gokarna Temple Priests

Our poojas are performed by esteemed priests from the Gokarna temples, ensuring the highest level of devotion and adherence to traditional practices.